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Local Tickets Pricing & Payment


Local Tickets Account Free

Have one account and set up as many events throughout our Australian network of local ticketing websites.

Set up your own event Free Use our Event Wizard and set up your own event in a matter of minutes. Phone & email support available.
Ticketing Advice Free Contact our office and ask for advice on how to best set up your event and tickets.
Event Ticketing Page Free Your event will have its own dedicated event ticketing page and unique URL.
Customer E-Tickets  Free Customers will automatically receive an E-Ticket (and Tax Invoice) after booking confirmation.
Customer Database Free Instant Customer Database and Door List including name, phone number, email and postcode.
Professional Event Set Up $25 per event Let us set up your event for this low fixed fee.
Venue Seating $125 per seating plan Sell Auto Allocated Seating (or Next Best Seating) where customers are automatically allocated a seat number.


Your Ticket Price

Event Organiser Per Sold Fee

Customer Fee Per Booking

Free events or free tickets issued with a zero dollar value

Zero ticketing fees Zero fees
Tickets priced from $1 - $49.99 $1 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Tickets priced from $50 - $99.99 $2 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Tickets priced from $100 - $499.99 $3 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin  fee
Tickets priced from $500 $5 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Charity and Not For Profit Organisations Discount Applies - contact us for our special rates $1 boooking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee

Your Table Price

Event Organiser Fee Per Person Per Table

Customer Fee Per Booking

 Free events or tickets issued  Zero ticketing fees Zero fees
Tables priced from $1 - $499.99 $1 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Tables priced from $500 - $749.99 $2 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Tables priced from $750 $3 $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee
Charity and Not For Profit Organisations Discount Applies - contact us for our special rates $1 booking fee + 2.9% credit card & admin fee


Ticket Scanning

Scanner Gun Hire

  • $100 per device per day or
  • $250 per device for a 2 - 3 day event
  • First 100 scans free and then 10 cents per scan

Do It Yourself Option

  • Free Local Tickets APP available for download
  • First 100 tickets scanned are free
  • 10 cents charged per scan from 101 tickets scanned


Onsite Gate Ticketing
  • Gate Ticketing Event Set Up $125
  • Gate Sales $0.50 cents per ticket sold
  • Gate Equipment - $250 per cashier 
  • Mobile EFTPOS Machine - $100 per device per day, plus 1.5% merchant fee + $125 settlement fee
  • Scanner Gun Hire - $100 per device per day
  • Courier charges will apply to hire equipment

A turn-key gate ticketing system that provides real time cashier sales and overall event sales.

Very simple to use, suitable for volunteers, make your cashier's accountable for their sales.  

Real time reports on ticket sales, payment method, entry times and tickets scanned.


Event Tile Design $50 per tile Let us design you an eye catching event tile for your ticketing page.
Home Page Advertisement $5 per day Get your event seen by everyone visiting our ticketing home page with a link to your event.
Featured Event $10 per day Stand out from the pack by having your event pinned as the first event listed on the home page.
E-Newsletter Editorial $150 per feature Be the featured event in our E-Newsletter with a link to your ticketing page.
Event Radio Countdown Package Customised proposal provided Saturate your local market with a radio package pushing pre-sales.
Media Release Template $50 per template (6 available) Get the media talking up your event for free by harnessing the power of publicity.
Home Page Peel Down Advertisment $500 per month Grab consumers attention with a peel down advert that links to a URL page of your choice.

Customer Payment Methods

  1. Visa - credit and debit cards
  2. Master Card - credit and debit cards
  3. Cash Payments - Event Hosts can accept cash payments directly using our Cash Payments method 
  4. Phone Bookings - Local Tickets does not provide a phone booking service to customers but will assist in the case of any purchasing issues

Event Host Fees and Charges

  • Event Host are only charged for sold tickets (unsold tickets do not incur any fees).
  • Cash payments taken by the Event Host do not incur any Customer Booking Fees.
  • Event Hosts will not be charged for any tickets issued through the Ticket centre that have a zero dollar value.
  • Event Hosts will be charged for tickets issued through the Ticket Centre that have a dollar value.
  • Fees are automatically deducated from your ticket sales revenue with reports on your Dashboard.
  • Onsite Ticketing Services and Event Marketing Services need to be booked directly with Local Tickets and fees will automatically be deducated from your ticket revenue.
  • Only Event Hosts can authorise a customer refund which must be lodged through the Ticket Centre.  Refunded Tickets will incure the standard Ticketing Fees.
  • Cancelled Events will incur the standard Ticketing Fees and a cancelaltion fee will apply.  
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details on fees and charges. 

Event Host Payment for Ticket Sales

  • Nett Ticket Sales Revenue is transferred the next working day after the event as one payment transfer.
  • For payment to be made, the Event Host is required to login to their dashboard and confirm payment details on the Event Payment button.
  • A Tax Invoice and Account Statement Summary is available to download.
  • Event Hosts are required to provide their bank account details at the time of setting up their event in the My Account section after they login.

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